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What is the Hot Metal Bridge Program?

The Hot Metal Bridge Program at the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh is a new two-semester post-baccalaureate fellowship program for students who will help us meet our diversity goals. We will provide a two-term fellowship for fall and spring term 2015-2016 (including tuition and stipend) for up to nine fellows. The point of the HMBP is to bridge the gap between an undergraduate degree and a graduate training program, and to help individuals prepare themselves for a successful program of doctoral studies. The six featured programs for academic year 2015-2016 are: Biological Sciences, Computer Science, English, Mathematics, Neuroscience and Psychology.

Who are we looking for?

Students must be U.S. Citizens and or permanent residents who help us meet our diversity goals and may also fit into one of the following categories: recent college graduates, “career-changers” and other unusual applicants who have completed an undergraduate degree, who are highly motivated and show strong academic promise, but who are not quite ready to apply to a doctoral program or who do not fit the usual mold. For example, we want students whose interests or majors shifted towards the end of a four-year program; or students who have been out in the world and developed interests that differ from their degree; or students who missed the opportunity to develop their lab or research experience; or students who want a chance to focus and develop their interests before entering a PhD program.

What does the HMB program have to offer post-baccalaureate fellows?

The program will help students to prepare themselves for doctoral study. The nine fellows will be part of a small, supportive community, yet will have the opportunity to take advantage of rigorous and extensive course offerings in one of the four departments. Each fellow will be matched with a faculty mentor/advisor and a graduate student mentor in his or her academic field and will be invited to participate in mentoring events. Fellows will enroll in a fulltime load of up to 12 graduate or upper-division undergraduate credits (a minimum of 9 credits) per term (this might be a combination of formal courses and directed research). Fellows will participate in the academic life of the department. HMBP Fellows will get to know our faculty, our programs, and the wider academic community. If they decide to apply to our doctoral programs (and we hope they will) and if they win admission, with department approval up to 12 graduate credits may be counted towards degree requirements or certain degree requirements may be waived.

For more information contact Ms. Philippa Carter, Manager of Diversity Initiatives at 412-624-6096 or e-mail


Hot Metal Bridge Program Application (PDF) You must open and complete in Adobe Acrobat (available December 2015)

Hot Metal Bridge Program Checklist (PDF) (available December 2015)                                                       

Hot Metal Bridge Program Application Instructions and FAQs (available December 2015)

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