Philippa Carter
Philippa Carter, Director of Diversity Initiatives and Academic Affairs
Diversity is a value, resource, and characteristic of the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences. We are committed to mobilizing the full resources of a diverse society for graduate education providing our students with an educational experience that adequately prepares them for life, learning, and work in the increasingly global world.

Our commitment operates on three distinct levels:

  1. Recruiting and mentoring students who embody the diversity of our city, region, and nation;
  2. Recruiting and retaining faculty and staff whose diversity, especially in areas of race and gender, reflects and serves our student body by providing diverse role models and offering all students an opportunity to experience a wider range of diversity; and,
  3. Strengthening and updating curricular endeavors and research opportunities that provide graduate students with theoretical insights, analytical skills, and practical knowledge pertaining to issues of diversity, including race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, and class.

The Office of Diversity Initiatives is an essential aspect of the Dietrich School’s commitment in action.  Our role is to serve as a resource to prospective and current students from underrepresented populations, helping to identify resources, opportunities, and experiences of particular benefit.  While our Office plays a leading role in recruiting, serving, and retaining diverse students, we are part of a University-wide emphasis on building a diverse community of learners.