As a Dietrich School alumnus, you bring honor and recognition to the school and to the University of Pittsburgh with your outstanding accomplishments. Please take the time to tell us about yourself so that we may share news of your success with the entire Dietrich School community.  If you are interested in becoming more involved with the Dietrich School and our diversity initiatives—as a mentor, ambassador, internship sponsor, or donor—please contact Philippa Carter, Manager of Diversity Initiatives, for more information.

Be a Mentor

Alumni of the Dietrich School are especially encouraged to consider serving as mentors to current graduate students.  If you are a Dietrich School graduate who would be willing to meet one-on-one with a student in your discipline or area of interest to provide informal counsel and professional guidance, please contact Philippa Carter, Manager of Diversity Initiatives. The specific terms and commitment of the mentoring relationship are left to the discretion of the mentor and mentee, but we ask that both parties be willing to spend at least two hours together per month throughout the course of the student’s graduate education.

Be an Ambassador

Our students, faculty, staff, and alumni are the best possible spokespeople for the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences.  If you would be willing to discuss your experiences at the University of Pittsburgh with prospective Dietrich School students, either over the phone or during their campus visits, please contact Philippa Carter.  We can keep your contact information on file and when we identify a student who might benefit from hearing more about your particular area of expertise, we will contact you to see if you are available to meet.  Or, if you are an alumnus who is no longer based in Pittsburgh, we may contact you to arrange a conversation or meeting between you and a prospective student living near you.